Greening What’s Already Here

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BAC/A+P provides both traditional architecture services and specialized planning services, with a focus on integrating preservation and green building practices.  Our clients include A/E firms, Developers, Historic Sites, Local, State Governments & Federal government agencies,  Local, State and National Nonprofit organizations, Commercial owners and businesses and individual home owners.  After 25 years in the field in both the profit and nonprofit sectors – as a consultant, client, preservation officer and nonprofit administrator – Barbara Campagna’s expert network extends across the country and the world.  We can provide individualized service from BAC/A+P or assemble the perfect expert team.

Featured – The Greening Plan

Many owners understand that in order to improve the energy efficiency of their building, they need to have an energy audit conducted.  But few people realize that energy is only one of the resources impacting climate change.  “The Greening Plan” is an audit created specifically for your building by BAC/A+P to evaluate all of your resource use including – water, electricity, lighting, cleaning products, landscaping etc.  We can prepare a one-page outline to help you get started or a comprehensive sustainability management plan. “The Greening Plan” is federally trademarked.

Mercy College in Westchester County, NY

Preserving Modern Heritage

Barbara is one of the national leaders of the preservation of modern heritage. As we begin to acknowledge the significance of modern heritage and preserve sites from that era, we find ourselves confronting questions and developing solutions regarding authenticity, building fabric and energy efficiency that in many cases are the exact opposite of how we approach our traditional buildings. As the chief architect of the National Trust, Barbara developed and oversaw the philosophical and technical preservation approaches to modern icons such as the Philip Johnson Glass House, Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House (pictured above), and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House. As the President of APT, Barbara created the Technical Committee on Modern Heritage. She has developed master plans for mid-century modern campuses such as Mercy College in Westchester  County, NY.

“Greening What’s Already Here” and “The Greening Plan” are registered federal trademarks.

BAC/Architecture + Planning, PLLC is a certified WBE, Women’s Business Enterprise.

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