Factory Row Residence, Old Salem Museums & Gardens


Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Listed in the State & National Register of Historic Places

Contributing Component to a local historic district

BAC/A+P is restoring and preparing “The Greening Plan” for this authentic 1831 Federal-style house on one acre of land. Situated in the historic Moravian town of Old Salem, the house has had several alterations over the centuries, which have hidden some of the original design features. It was expanded to a two story house from one and a half stories in the 1850s, and a kitchen was added to the rear in the 1880s. Each room is being carefully restored to its original appearance and furnished accordingly.

The Greening Plan suggests improvements to maintenance approaches that include development of a green housekeeping and landscaping plans, improvements to the house’s heating and cooling systems by reactivating original design features and design of composting and rain harvesting plans.

Client: Private Owner