True Green Cities/Celebrating Ten+ Years: “Pointing About Town” with a Women-Owned Business

True Green Cities/Celebrating Ten+ Years: “Pointing About Town” with a Women-Owned Business

Celebrating Ten+ Years!  It’s been twelve years since I launched Barbara A. Campagna/Architecture + Planning, PLLC and while many things have changed, my goal to work on “greening what’s already here” continues to be met, often in places I never expected. 

“Pointing About Town” as a Solopreneur

My office partner (and sister) writes a blog called Making a Point and writes a regular series entitled “Pointing About Town” about small business owners.  One of her first pieces was about BAC/Architecture + Planning, PLLC.  We did a photo shoot in front of my recent projects, the Buffalo Central Terminal.  With the Smith Group, I worked on the Master Plan for this towering Buffalo landmark.  The Master Plan and an accompanying Neighborhood Plan for the Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood were completed in 2021.  

It’s been an interesting year, finishing some great projects and getting ready to start some even more terrific ones.  But the stresses of running a small business continue to be a struggle.  In fact several of my colleagues and I are running a panel entitled “Keeping Micro-businesses & Solopreneurs Relevant and Resilient” at this year’s AIA Convention in San Francisco in June.  My sister’s “Making a Point” weekly blog discusses these small business issues.  If you have a small business or are considering opening your own business, I would suggest you bookmark “Making a Point”!

All week I will be posting updates about current and upcoming projects.  My actual business anniversary is April 19th

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